Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My LUSH Haul for April 2012

My daughter and I visited the LUSH store inside Macy's at Tuttle Crossing in Columbus, Ohio and we had so much fun!  It was the Saturday before Easter and we must have timed it perfectly because when we walked in we were the only 2 customers in the place - so we had the shop to ourselves.

We also had the complete and undivided attention of two of the most marvelous LUSH associates EVER - Johntay and Lamar.  They treated us like royalty and gave each of us our own guided tour of the shop.  Of course, they were handsomely rewarded as we kept plopping more Bath Bombs into our baskets!

If you've never been inside a LUSH Cosmetics store I highly recommend it.  Shopping online at LUSH is great - especially if there's no store nearby.  But you simply must experience the store and the staff at least once in your life to get the full LUSH experience!

We were about 2 weeks to early to see the LUSH Mother's Day items but they're available online now.  You can see my write ups here:

Anyway, you're here to see my LUSH Haul for April.  So here we go!

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